For a company, have a lot of documents, books, invoices, vouchers, reports and a series of important documents should be stored after year from this month. Therefore, the storage of documents, especially records of accounting documents in a scientific way to become a very important thing.

Archive documents

Process recordkeeping document

1. Select a file cabinet

Many people believe that the filing of the files or small cabinet saves. However, the truth is we did not save even the use of a large closet. To select the appropriate file cabinet, you should:
- Uses a file cabinet with drawers: cabinet type will match the size of the different types of records. Easy to manage and search faster, you can put paper outside each compartment divided by each type of record.
- Use a file cabinet wall: In case your office has a small space, you should use a file cabinet on the wall for saving space, the price is cheaper but can store plenty of records document.
- Use sticky notes: For those who do administrative office, notepaper became familiar objects not allowed lacking. You can use all kinds of paper sizes and different colors for each type of record or various notes.

2. Classification Profile

For a company with a series of papers, if you go on to confuse the types of records that are not classified will very well lead to the misplacement or even not found file. Therefore, classification of records even in some way sort and store the following documents are necessary:
- Classify documents by name: You can classify documents according to the format:
+ Personal Profile: use the clipboard for storing personal name cactu data relating to individuals. Outside name and some other basic information. Within each profile, sort the data by date went from closest to farthest.
+ Profile mixture: You can also sort the documents by problem to search.
+ Profile with one name: For this category, you can sort by time.
+ The different profile but with the same name: Use code or cover profile parts with different colors to classify.
- Classification by topic: If the first type of record, for ease of management, you can divide each topic in detail: report, advertisement, plan ... In particular, you should note:
+ Name topic should be set specifically to avoid vague generalities.
+ You can use the title and subtitle.
+ You can use tools such as tweezers profile support for the format profile or for each main title, tags guide.
+ Prepare an annex table topics.
- Classification by Cluster: You can also split files in 1 topics in clusters: Cluster Q1, Q2 cluster ...
- Classification of groups: Split a cluster file out in groups: groups Q1, Q2 group ...

3. sort records

- from time to time: You can use sticky notes time and place arranged in order from front to rear in order to be able to search quickly .
- According to the letter: You can also order based on the alphabet (A, B, C ...) to sort records.
- The nature: Sort based on the nature of the record: not solve, resolve and respond ...

4. Making lists records

Creation of a list of records to list a file system of the unit is necessary. Thus, we can organize, manage and quickly lookup records.
- Create a list of detailed and accurate: You should create a detailed list and so easy to manage, you should put it on the computer diagrams. While looking for you can look up fast on the computer and know exactly the location of records.
- The list of records to be updated regularly: In addition, you need to collate and updated regularly as the addition of new records.

5. Recordkeeping

Some of storing documents:
- Save alphabetically, letters
- Save by number, identification number
- Use media and storage devices: media Paper (cabinet ...), electronic media (floppy disk, hard disk, CD-ROM ...), supplies auxiliary (guide cards, clipboard ...)
- Save by number and time
- Save By chronological order
- Save geographically
- Managing dispersed parts

 Archive documents good price quickly

However, the storage and preservation of records relative waste of time, space and the need to invest in human resources. In the case of mismanagement will lead to more serious consequences such as loss of important papers.

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