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Maybe not many people know about storage services. But in fact, they play an important role in our life. From small and light things as documents, books… to bulky things like furniture, machinery…storage services can handle them all. If you intend to move to another location, you absolutely need storage services to  settlein the new place.

What are storage services?

Storage servicesare the serviceswhich help you store all your goods or belongings from light to bulky things. No matter what kind of your things or how huge the quantity of your things is, storage services will help you solve it completely. With the service, all of your things are stored in the most ideal condition and be protected against thief or insects. This also means that you have no concern about the safety and the status of your goods. Your storing will become easy than ever thanks to these storage services.

storage service

You will have no concern about the safety of the goods

When should you use the storage services?

Noone can live a whole life without any help from storage service. If you intend to move your office to another place, you absolutely need a period of time to settle down. But where can you store all your furniture, machinery and belongings? That is when you need the help of storage services.

Or in case, you want to remodel your house, you cannot keep all your things in the house. You must bring them away and store them in an ideal condition to keep their intact status, even it is in a long or short period of time.

Which benefits do the storage services bring to you?

Storing is not easy as you ever imagined. Not mention to the large space you have to prepare for the bulky things like furniture or machinery, you must have an ideal condition of climate to keep them intact. If the security is not good, your things may even be loss. But with storage service, all these problems will be solved completely. Moreover, these are many benefits you can get from it:

·  Unlimited quantity of things: With a package storage service, you will not have to worry about the quantity of your things. Whatever more or less, all your things will be packaged carefully and moved to the warehouse without any extra cost.

·  Spacious and clear warehouse: Warehouse is one of the biggest issuesmany customers meet when they want to store furniture or bulky things. Fully understand that, we provide our customer a suitable size of warehouse based on their demand or the quantity of goods.

·  Ideal climate controlled room: Climate is very important to the storing process. If the humidity is too high or low, the furniture or machinery, specially,the documents and the papers, can be harmed severely. Moreover, they can be harmed by termites. So an ideal climate is very important to keep your things and goods safe and intact.

·  High security mode: We always focus on security to ensure all the goods of customer will not be loss. No thief can appear in our warehouse thanks to high security mode.

·  Affordable price: We maybe not provide customer the lowest cost service but we always bring customer the most affordable price service. With our service, you will get a high quality service with all the fees quote in advance.

What is included in the storage services?

A package storage service is including:

- Loading all the things and goods (Disassembly, packing, listing for inventory and labeling)

- Transporting all the goods to the warehouse.

- Warehousing service (Many different size of warehouse as the customer’s demand)

- Storing all the goods in the warehouse as the request.

There will be so many unforeseen problems can arise in the storage process which you cannot solve if you do it yourself. So the best way to do is finding a prestigious companytoprovide this service. Vietnam Moving is the first choice for you in this field with years of experience.

storage service

The staff will help you to package all the goods carefully

Why should you choose to use the service of Vietnam Moving?

Vietnam Movingowns a well-trained and professional team of staffs who can help you solve the storing issue completely. With many years in this field, Vietnam Moving is trusted by many partners all around the world. We got spacious and clear warehouse with high security to keep your things stay safe and 100% intact through time.

Professional and scientific workflow

-  Firstly, right after your call to Vietnam Moving, we will send a staff to your place to estimate the quantity of goods. Then, we give you an expected quotation.

-  Secondly, we prepare a suitable size of warehouse based on the quantity of your things with ideal climate condition up to the kind of goods. After that, if you agree, we will sign a contract.

- Thirdly, all your furniture and things will be carefully wrapped and packaged; then, moved to our place.

-  Fourthly, we unload all your goods and take them to the warehouse and keep them safe as the regulated time.

-  Finally, you pay us as the contract has regulated after receive all your goods.

Affordable price storage services

Vietnam Moving providescustomer the most affordable price with high quality storage services. All the fees are publicized in advance and absolutely no extra cost. We always suggest customer a suitable service with affordable price based on their demand. You will be satisfied with the price of the service and the quality that our storage service brings back.

storage service

Vietnam Moving committs to bring you the most affordable price

Vietnam Moving’s partners

Vietnam Moving always makes effort to cooperate in long term with our dearest partners and customers. For years, we have cooperated with: Cannon (USA), Comcast (USA), Honda (Japan), Arla (Denmark) and Bao Viet (Vietnam). We have created a long term connection through years and will be continued in the future.

Feedback from customers:

Mrs. Nguyen Thuy Linh(Ba Dinh District - Ha Noi): “My husband and I intend to remodel our house to welcome our second baby, but the furniture in the house is too much. We really feel confused about find a place to store them till the house is ready. Luckily, I found Vietnam Moving through Internet. Just a call and our problem aresolved completely. That is so great. Thanks Vietnam Moving storage services so much!”

Mr. Trinh Tien Thanh(Binh Chanh District - HCMC): “Last week, my office moved to a larger place. I asked my colleagues to find a company to store all the machinery while we moving to the new office. Immediately, they introduced Vietnam Moving to me and I decided to make a call to the company. Till now, all of my machinery and furniture are safe in the warehouse waiting to come to the new office. I highly appreciate the quality of the storage service of Vietnam Moving.”

So after all, will you want to make a call to Vietnam Moving and experience our storage services. We commit to bring you the most affordable price and high quality service!

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