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Your office is planning to transfer the work site? You are worried of not knowing the choice of transportation units and best prestige HCMC and Hanoi markets today? Then transfer office services package in HCM City and Hanoi by the Vietnam Moving provide suggestions would be perfect for you. Please contact us for advice and quotation exactly right when you need. 
Whenever referring to issues relocation work to make sure all parts of the company are worried because they do not know will have to transport the furniture how to ensure safety as well as limiting the risks unfortunately can happen.
Moreover, transfer office cleaning job is manual labor should not anyone can do it, especially for those who specialize in working office. Therefore the optimal solution thanks to the support of the service reliable transfer office. 
With the workflow of professional and strict supervision and staff have many years experience in the profession, transfer service office Package Vietnam Moving proudly customers appreciate, voted the brand name most believers in HCMC and Hanoi. Come with us you will not only save time and effort but also enjoy rates extremely preferential service. 
Office delivery services package in Hanoi and HCM City
Migration Service office Moving prestigious Vietnam in HCM City and Hanoi

Vietnam Moving - Brand switch prestigious office HCMC and Hanoi 

Any company that also are eager to improve and enhance the quality of working environment, so transfer office, transfer service home has become the new trend nowadays. However this is the work not so simple that many people, from the leadership to employees are worried, not knowing how to help transport volume of furniture giant, diverse size safely and quickly most rapidly.
The fact that, the market appeared more units providing office delivery services. But not every service is reliable and efficient working. Desiring to create a brand that not only transport but also quality at reasonable prices, service is a full-service office in Hanoi of Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh City Moving was born. 
Professionalism and attitude of responsible work of staff from Vietnam Moving will help you solve the problem of transporting extremely difficult office it is simple. 
To build trust with customers that the efforts of all the members of the Vietnam Moving house. So far, our service has expanded the scope of activities to best serve the needs of the customer transfer office needs.
Office delivery services package in HCMC and Hanoi
Vietnam Moving solving the transportation office and quickly Simple 

Workflow Service's office moved Package Vietnam Moving 

Professionalism in processes the first criterion has always been not only of the services sector in general, but also transfer services office of particular concern. So, delivery services office Moving Vietnam always get it operational objectives throughout the workflow. 
Each stage is a staff of Vietnam Moving focus from the stage of receiving orders, survey and price, performing transport to guarantee the rights issue to customers. All of them express the professionalism that you will not be found in any public transport service.

Service implementation process: 

- Step 1: To receive customer information and consultancy services: 
When customer demand for moving services office in HCM City and Hanoi, then please contact Vietnam Moving hotline on 09 09 09 8620. Employees will receive the operator of your information, and planned office locations to conduct counseling and quantity survey as well as the way things should operate transfer. 
- Step 2: Survey and suggest optimal transportation plan:
Upon receiving information from customers, staff, office moving service package HCMC and Hanoi reputation will be in office in the shortest time. Here, staff will prepare a list of assets, assess the volume of furniture need to be transported, and to plan for packaging, transportation benefit that saves time and costs for customers. 
Office delivery services package in HCMC and Hanoi 
Workflow transfer services office of the prestigious Vietnam Moving 
- Step 3: Quotations and contracting:
Based on the actual situation of the survey, Vietnam Moving staff will conduct quotation service to customers in writing directly or through Email. If the customer no longer matters what your questions and agree to quote the transportation plan that we put forward will sign a contract carrier. In the contract will clearly indicate the rights and responsibilities of both parties. 
After signing the contract the customer can request the service provider: 
+ Provide packing instruments such as cartons, tape ... 
+ Perform dismantling furniture, electronics (necessary). 
+ Consulting detailed transportation plan office. 
+ Support and guidance of packing, sorting things ... 
- Step 4: Implement the contract:
As soon as the contract is signed, delivery services office Vietnam Moving embarked on the implementation of its work with the most professional in each specific areas: 
+ The types of records, papers, utensils ... will be closed carefully package by carton and marked separately in the order each department or individual. 
+ Dismantling, lined furniture and electronics. 
+ Wrap fragile items with special wrapping paper. 
+ Vietnam Moving staff to draw up a written record to the table confirm the amount of the customer's belongings. 
+ Perform unloading containers carrying belongings on the bus and transported to the new location. 
+ In the new workplace, the service staff will help customers install and arrange the furniture as required. 
- Step 5: Handover and acceptance of the contract:
After all the work was completed, the transfer services office Vietnam Moving cheap package will handover to the customer acceptance. If no problems arise any problems customers pay service fees and contract termination. 
Office delivery services package in HCMC and Hanoi, 
Vietnam Moving is committed to high quality and good price to customers 

Why you should choose delivery services office Vietnam Moving Package? 

+ We always ensure the optimization of the time to help customers deploy new place of work in accordance with the original plan. 
+ Cost of preferential service, competitive with the market. 
+ Get detailed consultation on how shipping office before signing the contract.
+ Professional staff will bring the best quality of service. 
+ Modern facilities make the process of lifting and cargo safety. 
+ To follow and monitor service team members throughout the work process. 
+ During the implementation of the contract if there is any customer issues will have been adequately compensated. 
office moving
Office delivery services package in HCMC and Hanoi Vietnam Moving is committed to high quality and good prices with customers. Come with us to solve the problem quickly shipping office and feel professional work style as well as enjoy many attractive incentives.
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