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Self Service Moving

When you want to move goods or things to another location but you can not afford to hire a full package moving service. So, it is the time you need to use the self-service moving. This service assure you do not have to move yourself and you can reduce the cost and moving time.

What is the definition of self-service moving?

When mention to self-service moving, we focus on cost and moving time, two important factors affect the quality of a moving service. Self-service moving is a moving service which provides limited service.

With a self-service moving, you will have to pack, wrap your goods and things then load them to the truck of the company. And after the driver of the company drives you and your goods to the right location, you will have to unload and arrange all things yourself. It also means that you are responsible for the safety of your things before and after the driving.

Self Service Moving

Self-service moving gives you big savings of time and money

When should you use the self-service moving?

When you want to move your things to another location but you do not trust in any moving company or maybe you can not afford a full moving service, that is the time you should use the self-service moving.

This service allows you to do the packing, loading, unloading and arranging all your things yourself. So if your things are fragile and special things, you can do it by your own to assure all of them are safe and packed as your demand.

Besides, if you have a lot of people to assist you in your moving, you can use the self-service moving. This will help you reduce a lot of time and cost of moving.

Benefits of self-service moving

· Big savings of time and cost: As you can see, this kind of moving service will have you got some big savings. Besides, you can save some periods of moving time if you have many people to support you.

· Safety of fragile and special things: If you do the packing yourself, you can assure all your fragile and special things are not damaged by the staff of the moving company.

· Professional driver proceed the move for your peace of mind.

Which is included in the self-service moving?

With the self-service moving, you will handle the packing, loading, unloading yourself. The company just provides you the driving service. But if your goods and things need to be stored, the company may provides you the warehousing service. Using this service, you will get a big moving container to store all your things in some days before your move.

Moreover, if you feel confused of arranging your things, the cleaning and arranging service of the company will help you to handle this.

So, if you think you really should use the self-service moving, where can you find a prestigious company to help you take place your move? Do not worry, cause we will introduce you Vietnam Moving - a reliable service company in this field, be trusted by a lot of customers through many years.

Self Service Moving

Vietnam Moving give you a suitable size of truck to drive you to the right location

Why should you use the service of Vietnam Moving?

In many company in the market, why should you use the service of this company? Let see the reasons below and then, make your own decision:

· Years of experience: Vietnam Moving has more than 10 years in this field and confirms its quality through the trust of customers.

· Professional and well trained staff: The company has a professional and well trained of staff to ensure your move goes smoothly and come to right location in the shortest time.

· No extra cost during the move: We commit that there is no extra cost during the move.

· A lot of long term customers and partners all around the world to confirm the quality of each service which Vietnam Moving provides.

The scientific workflow of Vietnam Moving

First, after receive the customer’s information, the company will send a staff to make a survey and then give customer a quotation in advance.

Second, a contract will be created. If the two sides agree with it, the contract is signed.

Third, the company send a suitable truck come to customer’s place to proceed the move.

Fourth, the professional driver will take place the driving to the right location in the shortest time.

Finally, customer pays for the company. The contract is ended.

Reasonable price

As you have known, this service of Vietnam Moving will help you to save a lot. You only have to pay a little amount of money for the driving service. The money is based on the size of the truck you ask to move your things. So if you can not afford for a full moving service, this will be a perfect choice for you. We ensure to make you feel satisfied with the quality of the service with the money you have to pay.

Self Service Moving

Vietnam Moving commits to provide you a great service with big savings

Vietnam Moving’s Partners and Customers

Vietnam Movingalways makes effort to have the trust of customers and partners. Through many years in this field, Vietnam Moving has a lot of long term partners all around the world, such as: Cannon (USA), Comcast (USA), Honda (Japan), Arla (Denmark) and Bao Viet (Vietnam). This confirms the quality of services that the company provides.

Customer’s feedback:

Mr. Le Duc Tho(District 1 - HCMC): “I am a painter, I want to move all of my paintings to my new home in Binh Duong. But I want to pack and load all the paintings myself to assure the safety of them. So I decided to choose the self-service moving of Vietnam Moving. I am very satisfied with the service and all my work come to my the location on time in intact status.”

Mr. Nguyen Tien Thanh(Long Bien District - Hanoi): “I want to move something in my house away but the price of a full moving service is too expensive for me. Thus, I choose to use the self-servie moving. Vietnam Moving is the company I have put my trust in. I think that this is the perfect service for me with a reasonable price. Thanks Vietnam Moving for providing such a great service like that!”

Inconclusion, the self-service moving of Vietnam Moving is suitable with both customers who want to do the packing, loading and unloading things themselves and who want to save time and money. So if you think this is the sevice for you, pick up you phone and make a call to Vietnam Moving to enjoy a high quality service with big savings.