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National Move

National Move could be the most stressful in your life ever and ruin every happy you have about moving. Don’t let it happen. You just have the professional moving companies clean this mess and do their magic.

What is National move?

National move is a moving of all your furniture and contents to new domestic place. It is including all the questions to the scale, budget and timescales of your moving: how many boxes you need, which kind of boxes, how to unplug your electronic system correctly, how much to pay the transport services, etc. To remove and wipe out all the problems from your head, please this problem to national moving companies.

National Move National move is important and big event in life

Which benefits does the national move service bring to customers?

Movingservicesare for the family in which an individual having promotion/job mobility to new place, the office needs to move due to their development/enlargement, an individual getting married and moving to new sweet home, etc. Then below there are some advantages of moving services:

- The moving packaging brings you benefit of moving all your furniture and belongings including the big one, the small one, the soft and hard ones to your new house without any efforts.

- Saving your time to do some other fun things like travel in your new place, have party

- The contract signed is strict on safety of your stuffs so that you don’t need worry about your stuffs. The staff will make sure everything is unharmed.

National Move 1

It is hard to carry a huge item

What is included in full moving packaging?

Full moving packagingis the packaging covered all journey of your stuffs from your old house to new one. Therefore it will be included loading your stuffs (packing, labeling and listing inventory) to the truck, transportation to arrival and unloading to inside your new house (unpack, assembly and rechecking)

National movewill be very stressful and haunting even become a nightmare. As a result, to choose a trusted Moving company is important. If you still wonder about that, you should choose Vietnam Moving – one of the trusted and qualified companies.

National Move 2

It is a long process to move house

Why should you choose Vietnam Moving?

National move serviceprovided by Vietnam Moving is the number one moving service with optimal cost and quality in Vietnam for these reasons:

- Vietnam Moving’s compass is “Loyal – Sincere – Careful” and every actions and moves will be designed based on that belief.

- Vietnam Moving provides variety of services with different promotion for customers. They are all designed to every needs and requirements of customers.

- Vietnam Moving has experts in moving industry and logistics with help to design the packaging to suit the needs and to minimize the harm for your stuffs.

- Vietnam Moving staff is enthusiastic, friendly, and professional.

- Vietnam Moving commits 100% your furniture and belongings safety.

- One price for one packaging, no additional charge/fee.

Which is the process of Vietnam Moving?

Information: The process begins with receive customers’ information, a meeting between customers and Vietnam Moving experts is set to have the first knowledge about the journey including the distance from the customer old house/office to new one, the timescale and the budget. Then a contract needs to be signed.

Loading: On the executive day, your furniture and belongings will be categorized, wrapped in specific functional boxes, and the boxes are marked. The list inventory will be handled to your hands right after all your stuffs are safe on the truck. These boxes will be transported to your new location with Vietnam Moving modern trucks and professional drivers.

Unloading: Everything will be unloaded, unpacked and assembled in your new comfort zone with the right time. It doesn’t cost you much time. Vietnam Moving is ensured to carry your items carefully.

Vietnam Moving professional and sincere staff

How much should you need to use the service?

The price data for National move service will be available on the website of company And the price is affordable and reasonable for a single person, a small family, a medium one or even the big one. They have a lot of price for a lot of packaging so please call their hotline to be consulted further.

Vietnam Moving Partners and Customers

City of Darwin (Australia), PER M&E Engineering (Vietnam), Angelina (Vietnam) and Bao Viet (Vietnam) are those who trusted and granted Vietnam Moving’s services. Besides those corporate customers, the personal customers are also pleased with Vietnam Moving:

Ho Ta- Binh Tay Market, District 5, HCMC:“I am very pleased ofVietnam Moving’s service about moving all my goods and belongings carefully to my new store on schedule due to the reconstruction of Binh Tay Market. The staff is very friendly and fast. Thank you Vietnam Moving for helping me to move my store.”

June NguyenHai Ba Trung, Ha Noi: “I found Vietnam Moving on the top search of Google then I called through hotline number and a guy answered nicely and carefully my questions. I am very impressed with the serving attitude of the staff. They are quick and friendly. They contacted and conducted survey of all my stuffs need to move and the distance from my old house to my new place right after the first call. Everything is happened in short time. ”

Aditi PrussChief of Operation in Bien Hoa, Dong Nai:“I am one of VIP customers of Vietnam Moving who used their services several time since the day they founded. They always give us the best services with huge promotion and I am very happy to become their long term partner.”

To conclusion, more and more people know and ask Vietnam Moving to move their house to new place to ensure the schedule and harmless for their furniture and belongings. To get further detailed information, please go to or call to Vietnam Moving.