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Moving oversea services

You are intending to move your house or your office abroad but you do not know how moving oversea services work? Where can you find a high quality moving oversea service? How much do moving oversea services cost? All of these questions will be answered clearly in this article.

What is the definition of moving oversea services?

Moving oversea servicesare the services which help you move your home or your office abroad. The service will move all of your things, like: goods, furniture, machinery and belongings from your place to new location safely and rapidly. A full package moving oversea service will offer inclusive services such as: packing, labeling, loading, unloading, unpacking and arranging service. This also means that you will have no concern about your overseas moving and feel relaxing all the time.

Moving oversea services

Moving oversea services are palying an important role in our life

The service company also provides customer home/office cleaning service or warehousing service. So if you are in need of these services, you can ask for this.

When should you get the help of moving oversea services?

The development of life with modern means of transport makes people think that moving oversea is an easy work to do. But they do not know that there will be so many things they have to care about; from the packing material to the means of transport, and specially the customs procedure at new location, not mention to many unforeseen problems can arise during the trip. Moving oversea is a long journey, you can not know for sure whether your things and goods remain intact 100% after the trip or not.

But with the help of moving oversea services, all of these above problems will disappear. All of your things and goods are safe after moving and come to new location on time. All you have to do is just supervising the work of the staffs.

Benefits you can get from moving oversea services

· Unlimited quantity of goods and things: With a full package moving oversea service, you never have to worry about the quantity of the things that are supported by the company. All of your things will be carefully packed, labeled and loaded to the transport vehicle.

· Various forms of transportation: The company has diverse forms of transportation such as: airway, railway, sea way, …Up to customer’s demand, the company can suggest a suitable form of transportation.

· Flexible working time: Customer can be supported at anytime they want, even it is weekend or holiday. The work will be taken place as the time up to customer’s demand to fit their schedule.

· Clearly customs procedure: Moving oversea has complex customs procedure which makes customer worry so much. But the service will handle this clearly for the customer so they can feel relaxing when come to new location.

Which services include in moving oversea services?

A full package moving oversea service offers inclusive services, such as:

- Loading the goods and things (carefully packing, labeling and loading the things)

- Moving to new location (professional staff with specialist will proceed the moving)

- Unloading the goods at new location (unloading, unpacking and arranging goods and things at the right place)

The role of moving oversea services is very important in our life. But where can you find a reliable company which provides the service? We would like to introduce you Vietnam Moving. Vietnam Moving is a prestigious moving oversea company with many years of experience.

Moving oversea services

Vietnam Moving with professional staffs will handle your overseas moving

So, why should you choose to use the service of Vietnam Moving?

- Professional and well trained staffs will support you entire the moving to ensure the trip goes smoothly.

- Various forms of transportation: Vietnam Moving got diverse forms of transportation: airway, railway, sea way… that customers can choose up to their demand.

- High safety assured: The safety of the trip is assured by the company. All of your things will come to new place safely and intactly.

- Scientific working plan: All of the work are done as a scientific plan. This will ensure the effectiveness of the work.

- Big insuarance for loss: If there is any loss or problem during the trip, the company will compensate equally 100% to the value of the goods.

The scientific workflow of Vietnam Moving

First, the company sends a staff to customer’s place to make a survey about the quantity of the goods, then give customer a quotation in advance.

Second, a contract will be created. If the two sides aggree, the contract is signed.

Third, the work is taken place by the professional staffs of the company. All the goods and things are carefully packed and loaded.

Fourth, the moving is proceeded with a specialist come along to supervise the trip.

Fifth, the goods come to the right place on time. The staffs unload the goods and arrange them at new location.

Finally, customer pays for the company, the contract is ended.

Reasonable price with high quality guaranteed

The moving oversea services provided by Vietnam Moving are always the most reasonable price on the market. Vietnam Moving ensures to bring customer the best quality service with the most affordable price. Up to the demand of customer, Vietnam Moving will suggest a suitable full package of moving oversea services to help customer gets some big savings.

Moving oversea services

Vietnam Moving always gives customer the most reasonable price service

Vietnam Moving Partners and Customers

Cannon (USA), Comcast (USA), Honda (Japan), Arla (Denmark) and Bao Viet (Vietnam) are Vietnam Moving long term partners for years. We confirm our brand through the quality of the service and long connection with many customers all around the world.

Customer’s feedback

Mr. Nguyen Vu Hoa(Tay Ho District - Hanoi): “My family intend to moving oversea for a long time but we have not found a reliable company to take place our moving. Luckily, we found Vietnam Moving on the Internet and I immediately make a call to the company. The service is perfect, the time of moving is short and the price is very reasonable.”

Miss. Trinh Phuong Thao(District 7 - HCMC): “My company has opened a new office abroad. I am very worry at first with the moving. Cause we have to move too many bulky things like furniture and machinery. I asked my friend and be suggested to use the service of Vietnam Moving. From then, all of my problems are solved completely. I have no concern about it and feel relaxing all the time.”

With the trust of customers all around the world, Vietnam Moving is proud to be a prestigious moving oversea services company in Vietnam. If you are in need of moving oversea, so do not forget to make a call to Vietnam Moving’s hotline. All of your questions will be answered clearly from A to Z. Our moving oversea services will make you satisfied.