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Do you want to move out your parents’ home or your husband’s home or move to another country? If yes, letInternational Removal be easy with help from professional companies to do the hardest work with the suitable payment.

What is International Removal?

International Removal is the transfer of furniture and other contents when you move from your place to a new place beyond borders. That means it is along with a lot of trouble. However, with International Removal Companies assistance, you will feel free to think about your travel time instead of what you need to bring along, which fare you need to pay for which shippers, who will pick your belongings at airport/ports, etc. Relax and everything is now in the right hand.

International Removal International Removal is important and big event in life

When should we do International Removal? Which benefits does the service bring to customers?

When you start considering to move out your parents’ house/ your ex-husband/ ex-wife’s house, it is the time. When you have a promotion to be an area manager in outside Vietnam/ scholarship to study abroad/ chance to work abroad, it is the time. It is the time you have to do a journey, an international removal.

When you choose to get help from International Removal companies, you gain some benefits like on time (the company will help you to make removal on schedule); one price (you pay once and let the rest to the company); zero harm for your belongings (the company sign the contract strict about your stuffs safety).

International Removal

It is safe to transport your stuffs in packet and cargo

What is included in full International Removal packaging?

Full International Removal packagingis including all the journey of your stuffs from your old place to your new one. It starts with disassemble your furniture, list the inventory and then pack your belongings in the boxes and label outside the boxes. Then all the boxes with your sizable furniture will be moved to the trucks with professional staff. The truck will move to the airport/port according to your contract and deliver to the shippers. The staff will also help you reassemble your furniture in your new home.

International Removalwith heavy and big furniture is a stressful experience, especially when the place in foreign land is daunting. Therefore, it is vital to place your trust on a right International Removal company and I suggest you to choose Vietnam Moving – one of the trusted and qualified companies.

Why should you choose Vietnam Moving?

Beside the trust Vietnam Moving built since the very first day it founded, Vietnam Moving is your precious choice for their attitude, they always place their customers in their heart and on the first. “Loyal – Sincere – Careful” is your slogan. Another reason is their staff, with the friendly and skillful to know how to wrap with each of items; it will save you a lot of time and make you feel safe to handle your stuffs to their hands.

Since Vietnam Moving ensures your stuffs safety and give compensate if any record of fragment, it is another reason for you to choose. They always take their customers feedback carefully. The price is also a reason makes you choose Vietnam Moving. They always think for customers so that they give variety choice and promotion and careful consultancies.

Which is the process of Vietnam Moving?

The process of Vietnam Moving begins with receiving your information and consulting to you the right packaging with promotion to help you save time and money.

Then a conduct survey will be made to know the scale of loadings, the tools needed for assembly. The contract with the suitable price is proposed for you.

If you think it is optimal, then sign the contract and choose the date for removal. On that day, our staff will wrap your stuffs, list inventory, pack in boxes and mark these boxes then load to the truck. The truck will move to airport/port with your help in documents.

Then you need to get in touch your new country local contact to complete the documents required and record the conditions of stuff to notify the coordinators and move to your new house/apartment. The staff will help you assemble any furniture and belongings as the signed contract and notify the status to Vietnam Moving oversea partner.

If there is any fragment or harmed items, Vietnam Moving will compensate you for your loss so that you should record any fragment and notify Vietnam Moving and their partner.

International Removal

Vietnam Moving lists and labels your stuffs to prevent loss

How much should you need to use the service?

The price for International Removal will be announced on the website of company If you feel uncomfortable to do so, please make a phone call to hotline of Vietnam Moving to be consulted.

Vietnam Moving Partners and Customers

Vietnam Moving with a long history. We had a lot of partners since the day of foundation. Addidas (USA), Combast (USA) or Vingroup (Vietnam), PER M&E Engineering (Vietnam) are Vietnam Moving partners. They coordinated with Vietnam Moving to move their office to new place and they are pleased with services provided.

These are feedback from our precious customers:

Duong Vo – Vietnamese Business in District 10, HCMC:“I am very satisfied with services of Vietnam Moving. Our removal was happened quickly and carefully to my new place. The staff is friendly and professional; they explained me very clear about what they do next. Thank you Vietnam Moving for helping me to move home to USA.”

Maria Ohakana– Japanese, Marketing Executive in Bien Hoa, Dong Nai: “I need to move home back to Japan for my 3 years MBA. My furniture is too heavy and oversize; I don’t know how to do. I asked my colleague and she gave me Vietnam Moving number to help me out of this stress cause. After receiving the sincere recommend, I chose and have no regret with Vietnam Moving. ”

NguyenVan Tinh– Finance Manager in Dong Da, Ha Noi:“I am one of long term partners of Vietnam Moving. I chose company’s services several times for my company office moving and always got promotion from Vietnam Moving. Not only for optimal price but also enthusiastic staff is the reason I always choose Vietnam Moving for my business and recommend my friends and my business partners.”

To get further detailed information, please contact to International Removal Companies like or make a direct phone call to Vietnam Moving.

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