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International Moving Company

Demand led solution. International moving company was born to solve the demand of moving household/office quickly to not interrupt their routine/business plan. If you do italone, it might be the most stressful experience ever. Let the professional do their magic.

What isInternational moving company?

International moving company is your “genie” who saves you fromheavy lifting like movingyour furniture and other contents to your new place inside and outside Vietnam. They are your representative to do the heavy work and other difficult work like list inventory, moving managing, work related customs, etc.

International Moving Company

International Moving is important and big event in life

When should we use the International Moving company services?

When you wish to have a genie then call an International Moving Company. They will help you to move your belongings to new place beyond one or more international borders when you goabroad for studying/ working/ marriage or just come back your homeland. They will help you solve the problems involving:

- Budget: Since the budget is limited and you won’t predict all the cost for your move, you should let the experts caculate all cost and fee you need to pay for your journey.

- Timescale: You don’t have enough tools and people to do your move in short time. International Moving Company does. They will make sure you have all your belongings to continue your life/your business in new place on schedule.

- Tools: Some of your furniture require the right tools to unplug/disassemble and carry on the long journey.

- Warehouse: When you go for a long run, your goods/household/furniture needs to be in custom warehouse and fulfil the paper relating customs. The International Movers will help you with that.

International Moving Company

It is safe to transport your stuffs in packet and cargo

What is included in International Moving service packaging?

International Moving service packaging is including:

This packaging includes 3 main works: loading, transport and unloading. The International Moving Company will wrap and pack your furniture and belongings then lift to trucks. The professional drivers will move them to the customs warehouse and wait to fulfil the paper to move oversea. The oversea partners will take care the unloading task in the other country.

Why should you choose Vina Moving?

International Moving with heavy lifting and custom related paperwork cost you a lot of money and time if you don’t know the way to do. Therefore, to choose a trusted International Moving Company is importantand Vina Moving is your suitable choice to do what needs to avoid all trouble along with moving your house/office to new land for these reasons:

- Fame: They are focus on customers satisfaction from the day they founded with slogan “Loyal – Sincere – Careful” and their 10 years experience.

- Staff: A large and professional staff with friendly and respectful attitude. The experience staff as well as the experts in logistics and moving industry is what built the fame and trust for company.

- Serivces: Variety packaging with variety promotion to choose a suitable one based on customers needs, budget and timescale.

- Connection: Vina Moving has many connection with a huge number of oversea partners who will help you to pick up at the airport/seaport and do the rest of journey to your new place.

- Safety: The rate of harmful items is reduced to minimalsince Vina Moving has a lot of experiences in moving and assembly.

- Timescale: Since the plan is mapped out detail and executed by the professional staff so that your personal plan/business plan will be on schedule.

International Moving Company

The professional staff

Which is the process of Vina Moving?

The process of Vina Moving is:

- Information: The consultant will receive your information and consult you to choose the right packaging with the right budget.

- Research: A survey will be conducted to know the volume, the tools needed for assembly. The contract will need to sign.

- Transport: Vina Moving staff will wrap your stuffs, list inventory, pack in labelled boxes and liftto the truck to move to airport/port with your help in documents. Then your contact in new country will help the oversea partnersto complete the documents required. The oversea partners willassemble any furniture and belongings and recordthe status of your belongings to Vina Moving.

If there is any lossor harmed items, we will compensate youbased on the signed contract.

How much should you need to use the service?

The price data for International Moving Services is update on the website of company And you will find the cost is equal to the quality of services provided.

Vina Moving Partners and Customers

Comcast (USA), Nike (USA), BT group (England) and Vingroup(Vietnam) are the corporations that trust and be long term partners of Vina Moving after using services. And these are our personalcustomersfeedback:

TungLeDistrict 1, HCMC:“I had promotion to Cambodia and I needed to move my house fast. However, I had a lot of stuff needed to move along for the journey in 3 years. I signed contract with Vina Moving and I am satisfied with the result I received.”

Michele Lee Sales in Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi: “I needed to move back to my homeland in Korea. I had Vina Moving to move all my stuff including the Vietnamese souvenirs. I am pleased with their professional staff.”

Bella Swan – Nhon Trach, Dong Nai:“My office needed to open a new one in Thailand and I had Vina Moving to help. Everything happened fast. No damage happened and I am pleased with the way they deal with customs regulations to make the process fast. Thank you Vina Moving.”

In conclusion, with the professional staff, experienced experts and modern equipments, Vina Moving ensures your belongings on the safe journey and on schedule. If you have any concern and questions for Vina Moving, please contact via website or hotline number published on website to be consulted carefully.