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International Movers

International Movers are born to solve the problem of your personal life and your work life in removal. If you need a genie to help, call them and “Abracadabra”, everything is moved from your old house to new one.

What are International Movers?

International Movers are your “genies” who help you to move your household, furniture and other contents to your new place inside and even outside Vietnam. They are the professional teams who are experts in unplug electronic system, water system or your precious wood floor. International Movers are who represent you to solve the issues link to how to move all your stuffs in once, how much cost on shipping oversea, who is your shipper and pick up your belongings oversea.

International Movers

International Mover is important and big event in life

When should we use the International Movers services? Which benefits does the service bring to customers?

When you need a genie then call an International Mover. They will help you to focus on your paperwork to move abroad for studying/ working/ marriage or just come back your homeland after working in Vietnam for a while. They will answer your questions like:

- Which items I should bring along? Since the company will provide you full International Moving packaging with one price for your entire list inventory, not many price for each kind of your contents.

- How much does it cost? Is it expensive? It is not the problem anymore because the cost is already determined by International Movers. It will be suitable and affordable.

- How long does it takes? You will have plenty of time to do what you like before your flight since the International Movers will ensure your belongings will be there on time.

- Are your belongings safe after a long journey? International Moving Companies will make sure your stuffs safe and unharmed. If any loss and harm is recorded, you will receive compensate from your hired company.

It is safe to transport your stuffs in packet and cargo

What is included in full International Moving service packaging?

Full International Moving service packagingis including:

This packaging includes all work to move your furniture and belongings from your old comfort zone to new one. It starts from the disassembly items, packaging in boxes, listing inventory, labeling the boxes and moving to the airport/port. Then the boxes will be moved to the airport/port in foreign land, the oversea partner of company will pick up and help you move to your new house.

Why should you choose Vina Moving?

International Moving with heavy and big furniture costs you a lot of trouble. Therefore, to choose a trusted International Mover is important. If you still have no idea to find your own company, you should choose Vina Moving. International Moving service provided by Vina Moving is your suitable choice to do what needs to avoid all trouble making along with moving your house/office to new land for these reasons:

- One of the top trusted and qualify International Movers in Vietnam

- A large and professional staff with friendly and respectful attitude

- Variety packaging with variety promotion to choose a suitable one based on customers need and financial situation.

- The company’s slogan “Loyal – Sincere – Careful” is their compass for every action in serves the customers.

- The professional staff to do paperwork as well as the trusted oversea partners to help you unload your stuffs in new house.

- The rate of harmful items is reduced to minimal.

The professional staff

Which is the process of Vina Moving?

The process of Vina Moving full International Mover packaging:

Step 1: Information.The consultant will receive your information and contact with you to suggest the right packaging with promotion to help you save time and money.

Step 2: Research.A survey will be conducted to know the scale of loadings, the tools needed for assembly. The contract with the suitable price is proposed for you.

Step 3: Sign the contract. If you agree with the condition in contract, sign and choose the day.

Step 4: Transport. Vina Moving staff will wrap your stuffs, list inventory, pack in boxes and mark these boxes then load to the truck to move to airport/port with your help in documents. Then your contact in new country will help the company in airport/port to complete the documents required. The staff will help you assemble any furniture and belongings as the signed contract and notify the status of your belongings to Vina Moving oversea partner.

If there is any fragment or harmed items, we will compensate you for your loss.

How much should you need to use the service?

The price data for International Moving Services is update on the website of company And I am sure that you will be surprised how cheap it will cost.

Vina Moving Partners and Customers

Vina Moving is making efforts to satisfy customers and long term partners like Cannon (USA), Nike (USA), BT group (England) and Bao Viet (Vietnam) are partners Vina Moving cooperated and satisfied. Besides these companies cooperation, there are feedbacks from our precious customers:

Tuyen Duong Student studying abroad in District 1, HCMC:“I am very pleased ofservice of Vina Moving for moving all my stuffs to USA since I have a lot of glassware that I wanted to bring along. Thank you Vina Moving for helping me to move without any loss or harm.”

Joshua Michelson Salers in Hang Da, Ha Noi: “I need to move home to Ho Chi Minh quick in two weeks and I ask my colleague to help me. They recommended me Vina Moving and I was surprised with the price and the enthusiasm of the staff.”

Jonah Green– USA, Director in District1, HCMC:“I used company’s services several times and received a lot of promotion since my company founded in 2 years and I needed to move office four times to find the best place. Not only for affordable price but also friendly staff make me pleased in every time I used service provided by Vina Moving.”

In conclusion, with the professional and friendly staff as well as trusted oversea partners, Vina Moving is always the best choice to for moving household/ office on schedule with zero harm or loss. To get further detailed information, please contact to professional International Movers via website or hotline 090909.8620.