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International Relocation

When you take a study abroad then you need to do an International Relocation to move all your belongings with you. The move could be the stressful experience with heavy lifting or the least important things you need to care about since the professional take care for you. It is your choice.

What is International Relocation?

International Relocation is the “teleport” of your furniture and other contents when you move from your place to a new onebeyond one or more international borders. Andwith International Relocation Companiesassistance, you will befree from all along trouble reated to your move including the timescale, the budget and the methods to think about your travel time.Every mess from paperwork to heavy lifting will be done by the professional one and you are just ready to your move and enjoy your new journey.

International Relocation
International Relocation is important and big event in life

When should we do International Relocation? Which benefits does the service bring to customers?

When you start your new journey to move out from your parents’ house/ your ex-husband/ ex-wife’s house, it is the time. When you have a job move to outside Vietnam/achanceto study abroad/work abroad, it is the time. It is the right time for you to experience the interesting yet stressful journey, an international relocation.

When you ask help from international relocation companies, you can get some advantages like:

- On time: the company will makesure yourrelocation on schedule

- One price: you pay once and no need to care about the payment anymore

- Saftety: the company sign the contract strict about your stuffs harmfulness.

International Relocation

It is safe to transport your stuffs in packet and cargo

What is included in International Relocation packaging?

International Relocation packagingincludes the full journey from the departure (your old house) to the arrival (the new house):

- Departure: assemble your furniture, list inventory and pack your belongings in the boxes thenlabel outside the boxes. Allthe boxes and your wrapped sizable furniture will be liftedto the trucksandmove to the airport/port you requiredand deliver to the partner shipper.

- Arrival: The oversea partner will take care of your stuff and the staff will also help you disassemble your furniture inyour new home.

International Relocation with heavy and big furniture cost you a lot of effort and time. Therefore, it is important to choose a right International Relocation company. I suggest you to choose Vietnam Moving – one of the trusted and qualified companies.

International Relocation

Vietnam Moving professional and skillful staff

Why should you choose Vietnam Moving?

There are a few reasons to choose Vietnam Moving:

- Vietnam Moving staff’s attitude:they always place their customers in their heart and on the first.

- Vietnam Moving staffare friendly and skillful to know how to wrap with each kind of your belongings

- The safety for you and your belongings will be ensured by the well-trained staff of Vietnam Moving based on their knowledge and experience.

- Vietnam Moving willcompensate if any record of fragment, harmfulness anfd loss happening during the journey.

- They always take their customers feedback sincerely.

- Variety choice and discountfor customers.

- Vietnam Moving standard warehouse.

International RelocationVietnam Moving standard warehouse

Which is the process of Vietnam Moving?

The process of Vietnam Moving incudes:

- Receiving your information and consulting to you the right packaging with discount based on your needs, budget and timescale

- Surveying the volume of loadings,the distance and the paper needed to fulfil before the transport andthe tools needed for assembly.

- Sign the contract with affordable budget and detailed information.

- Wrap your stuffs, list inventory, pack in boxes and mark these boxes then load to the truck.

- Transport your stuff to airport/seaport with your help in documents.

- Then you need to get in touch your new country local contact to complete the documents required and record the conditions of your belongingsto notify the oversea partnersand move your belongings to your new house/apartment.

- The staff will help you assemble any furniture and belongings as the signed contract andyou need tonotify the status to Vietnam Moving oversea partnerto get the compensation.

Vietnam Moving staff wrap your belongings carefully

How much should you need to use the service?

The price data for International Relocation will be updated via the website of company and if there is any other problem concern you, please make a phone call to hotline of Vietnam Moving to be consulted.

Vietnam Moving Partners and Customers

Adidas (USA), Comcast (USA) or Vingroup (Vietnam), PER M&E Engineering (Vietnam) are Vietnam Moving long term partnerssince the first day they cooperated. They areallpleased with services provided.And theseare feedback from our precious customers:

DungVoVietnamese Business in District 3,HCMC:“I needed to move to New Zealand due to my marriage. And I have a lot of stuff to move with me. I had Vietnam Moving to help me move to new land and everything happened quick and easily. It is a wonderful experience for such a hard work. Thank you Vietnam Moving”

Maria Tran – Marketing Executive in Bien Hoa, Dong Nai: “I need to move to China due to my company decision. I need to move some important furniture and collection. I asked my friend and they consulted me to choose Vietnam Moving. I am very pleased and satisfied with their friendly and professional staff as well as the price for that.”

NguyenThinh – Finance Manager in HangDa, Ha Noi:“I needed to move my office to build a new branch in Laos and Cambodia. I asked Vietnam Moving and they helped us to make sure the business plan to open in the June. The staff is friendly and they are really the experts in logistics and customs. The price for that service is deserved what they provided. I am appriciated their help.”

If you have a move to do, then go ahead and leave the mess for the genie like Vietnam Moving. To get further detailed information, please contact to international relocation companies like or call to their hotline.