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International Logistics

If your company has some products need to delivery to the point of consumption, let do the International Logistics with the experts to avoid all problems of lack of knowledge and experience. Without help, the cost for transportation and warehousing through international borders will cost you more than the amount you need to hire a professional in logistics to help.

What is International Logistics?

International Logistics is the planning, implementating and controlling the flow of major end items, materials or services beyond borders from the point of origin and the point of usage. It includes intergration of information (inventory databases and shipping schedules), material handling, production, packaging, inventory, transportation, distribution, storage, and security the resources. It sounds so complicated yet international logistics is simply the management of stuff and information from one place to another. Therefore, just let the professional do their job and save your time, effort and money.

International Logistics is an important component in company

When should we use the International Logistics services? Which benefits does the service bring to customers?

The International Logistics is an essential component of any company and can be complex in our flat globlal economy. It helps you import/export your material or products beyond at least one international border. This is where international logistics companies could involve and assist you with both inbound and outbound logistics in supply chain management. They will assist you to deal with:

- Budget: It is not the problem anymore because the budget is already determined by International Logisticscompanies.The listof what need to payincluding the warehousing services and customs services costis made to let you have a clear picture.

- Time: International Logisticscompanies will ensure your belongings will be there on time and on schedule due to their professional and experience in supply chain industry.

- Safety: International Logistics Companies will make sure your stuffs as unharmed as possible during the time of contract.

- Customs: The customs regulations can be difficult to follow up. The experts can help you to finish your papers in short time.That means you can avoid learning about custom regulations and duty by hiring a mover.

It is a long journey for your products.

What is included in full International logisticsservice packaging?

International logistics service packaging is all work to move your products from your factory/your warehouse to the airport/seaport/warehouse of your buyer or vice versa. It includes loading, transportation, warehousing, shipping and unloading (if necessary).

It will be difficult and take time if you do alone, let the qualified movers to help you. If you dont know who is your best choice in Vietnam, the answer is Vietnam Moving.

A standard warehouse

Why should you choose Vietnam Moving?

You can have enough resources like trucks, warehouse to move, storage and ship to another country in short time and costless. Therefore, to choose a trusted International Logistics company is vital and I recommend you to choose Vietnam Moving for these reasons:

- One of the top qualified International Logisticscompanies in Vietnam with compass “Loyal – Sincere – Careful” to their customers.

- The professional staff with friendly and respectful attitude and experience to face with all the trouble of international logistics.

- The list of trusted oversea partners in many countries around the world.

- Variety packaging with variety promotion to be affordable to customers’ budget.

- The rate of harmful items is reduced to almost zero.

The professional staff

Which is the process of Vietnam Moving?

The process of Vietnam Moving for International Logistics with you is exporter:

- Consultant: Vietnam Moving arrange with you a meeting to agree the scope & specific details of the transportso that the timescale and budget have been agreed in advance of the removalbased on the contract between you and your inporter/exporter.

- Surveying: A surveyingwill be conducted to know the volume, the equipment needed to apply, the number of trucks need to prepareand all documents needed to be made as far as in advance as possible. Then the contract is signed.

- Transportation: Vietnam Moving staff will wrap and arrange your productsinside waterproof plywood, metal or fiberglass boxes; list inventory; pack in marked boxes and load to the truck to move to the warehouse in airport/seaportwith your help in documents like inssuance and verification of documentation, export and import customs clearance, part or full vessel charter.

- Warehousing: Inbound checks, products receipts, storage, pick and shipping.

- Conventional shipments

How much should you need to use the service?

International Logistics is updatedabout the priceon the website of Vietnam Moving, And the price is cheaper than the value of services providedwith the huge of work needed to be done to move your products to the importers.

Vietnam Moving Partners and Customers

These are the corporationsthat trust Vietnam Moving and be satisfied: Honda (Japan), BT group (England), Comcast (USA)and Vingroup(Vietnam):

Tuyen Le–Chief of Executive of an exporter in District 4, HCMC:“I trusted Vietnam Moving for moving all my products to UKand the result makes me happy. Our products were moved on time and harmless.”

CharlesPhan Sale in Hai Ba Trung, Ha Noi: “I need to import some cosmetics products fromKorea quickly in one week due to my businessplan and I ask my best friend to help me and get a recommend about Vietnam Moving. I was surprisedand very pleasedwith the result of this cooperation.”

Jonah Wesley – USA, Director in Bien Hoa, Dong Nai:“I signed with Vietnam Moving’s services several times and received a lot of promotion. We always have to export our products to Cambodia, Thailand and China. We somtimes import machines from USA. Everytime I chose Vietnam Moving, I always feel free and guranteed with the price and the quality of their services.”

To conclude, with the professional staff and trust oversea partners, Vietnam Moving is always the best choice for international logistics on schedule with zero loss. To get further detailed information, please contact via website or hotline number.