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International Move

If you have a need to change your living environment, to make an international movein your life, you need a “genie”. The professional movers will help you avoid all troubles due to move beyond borders as easy and successful as possible.

What is International Move?

International Move is the “teleport” of furniture and other contents to a new place in foreign land. That means it is along with a haunting and stressful experience with all paperwork, documents and fee. That’s why International Movers were born to provide special services to free you from stress and have time to think about your travel and let the professional do the rest.

International Move is important and big event in life

When should we use the International Move services? Which benefits does the service bring to customers?

The International Movers will help you concentrate on your passport, your belongings and your travel plan when you have a chance to move abroad for studying/ working/ marriage or just come back your homeland after working in Vietnam for years. They will assist you to deal with:

- Budget: It is not the problem anymore because the budget is already determined by International Movers. The table of what need to pay is made to let you have a clear picture.

- Time:International Movers will ensure your belongings will be there on time and on schedule due to the contract signed.

- Safety: International Move Companies will make sure your stuffs as unharmed as possible and compensate your loss.

- Customs: International Move is including the transfer from your home country to another. That means you can avoid learning about custom regulations and duty by hiring a mover.

International Move

It is safe to transport your stuffs in packet and cargo

What is included in full International Moving service packaging?

Full International Moving service packaging is including:

This packaging is all work to move your furniture and belongings from your old comfort zone to new one: disassembly items, packaging in boxes, listing inventory, labeling the boxes and moving to the port. Then the boxes will be moved to the port in foreign land, the oversea partner of company will pick up and help you move to your new house.

International Move

Just plan your trip and everything is took after

Why should you choose Vietnam Moving?

International Moving with heavy and big furniture is stressful. Therefore, to choose a trusted International Mover is vital and I recommend you to choose Vietnam Moving for these reasons:

- One of the top trusted and qualified International Movers in Vietnam with compass “Loyal – Sincere – Careful” to their customers.

- The professional staff with friendly and respectful attitude and experience to face with paperwork and other regulations of moving oversea.

- The trusted oversea partners in many countries around the world

- Variety packaging with variety promotion to be affordable to customers’ financial situation.

- The rate of harmful items is reduced to minimal.

International Move

The professional staff

Which is the process of Vietnam Moving?

The process of Vietnam Moving for International Moving:

- Consultant: Vietnam Moving receives your information and arrange with you a meeting to agree the scope & specific details of the move so that the move team can be fully briefed on the requirements of the clients and all work, timescale and budget have been agreed in advance of the removal.

- Site visit: A site visit will be conducted to know the scale of loadings, the resource and equipment needed to apply and all documents needed to be made as far as in advance as possible. Then the contract is proposed and signed.

- Execution: Vietnam Moving staff will wrap and arrange your stuffs inside large waterproof plywood, metal or fiberglass boxes; list inventory; pack in boxes and mark these boxes then load to the truck to move to the port with your help in documents in Vietnam customs and in foreign customs.

- Conclusion: The staff will help you assemble any furniture and get notify the status of your belongings.

- Compensation: Vietnam Moving will compensate you for your loss so please record your belongings status in the final location to notify Vietnam Moving and their partners.

How much should you need to use the service?

The price list forInternational Move is updated on the website of Vietnam Moving, It is detailed to help you have a firsthand knowledge about the price. And the price is cheaper than the value of services provided.

Vietnam Moving Partners and Customers

These are the customers that dare to trust Vietnam Moving and be satisfied: City of Darwin (Australia), Honda (Japan), BT group (England) and (Vietnam). Besides these corporates, there are feedbacks from our precious customers:

Tuyen Ly Student studying abroad in District 8, HCMC:“I trusted Vietnam Moving for moving all my stuffs to UK. And I am very happy with this service since I have a lot of precious souvenirs that I wanted to bring along and Vietnam Moving helped me to move with zero harm.”

Janet Phan Salers in Hai Ba Trung, Ha Noi: “I need to move home to Korea quickly in one week due to my wedding plan and I ask my best friend to help me and get a recommend about Vietnam Moving. I called hotline and got consultant. I was surprised with the result of this cooperation. And I saved a lot of time to travel.”

Jonah Pruss– USA, Director in Nhon Trach, Dong Nai:“I signed with Vietnam Moving’s services several times and received a lot of promotion. My company is founded from 2010 and I needed to move office during the enlargement of business. The latest is moving to Cambodia and Vietnam Moving didn’t let me down. Not only for affordable price but also friendly staff are reasons I trust Vietnam Moving for every moves we have been through.”

To conclude, with the professional staff and a list of oversea partners, Vietnam Moving is always the best choice for moving household/ office on schedule with zero loss in the long distance. To get further detailed information, please contact via website or hotline number.