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Business Removal

Along with the development of your company, sometimes the space to work is not enough then you need to make a business removal. However, the work comes with a lot of troubles unless you find a trusted genie.

What is Business Removal?

Business Removal is the transport of your company asset like computers, air conditioners, desks, chairs, telephones and other contents to a new place. It is really a stressful problem unless you have a “genie” lamp to get help for the literal heavy lifting. Schedule, budgets and other challenges like the way to organize officers efficiently to work, which one is stored and which one is reused.

Business Removal& Business Removal is important event in company life cycle

When should we do Business Removal? Which benefits does the service bring to customers?

When your business is growing and you need a larger space to develop or you need to move to new area to enlarge your business or you find another nice place putting a value on branding/marketing or you need to move out for a while during the reconstruction your office, you will do a business removal.

To get help from Business Removal companies brings some benefits like:

- Timescale is short to make sure your office is not interrupted so long and your company’s plan is on schedule.

- Safety for your employees and also for your assets due to lack of knowledge on unplugging electronic system or heavy items removal.

- Rearrange your office in a safe and efficient manner to improve efficiency of your office.

Business Removal 2

It is safe to transport your stuffs in standard boxes

What is included in full Business Removal packaging?

Full Business Removal packagingis including all the journey of your stuffs from your old place to your new one:

- It starts with unplugging your electronic devices like computers, air conditioners, and cameras; disassemble your furniture; list the inventory and then pack your belongings in the labeled boxes.

- Then trucks will transport your boxes securely and carefully to new place.

- The staff will also help you reassemble your furniture in your new office.

Business Removal is a hassle and stressful experience, especially with the big and complex office. Therefore, it is vital to place your trust on a right Business Removal company to save your budget. Vietnam Moving – one of the trusted and qualified companies is your choice.

Business Removal 3

Vietnam Moving professional and skillful staff

Why should you choose Vietnam Moving?

Beside the trust Vietnam Moving built since the day it founded, Vietnam Moving is your precious choice for these reasons:

- The professional staff with friendly attitude and professional style.

- Variety packaging with variety promotion to choose a suitable one based on customers requirement and budget.

- The rate of harmful items is reduced to minimal.

- Save time and money by organizing your move efficiently so that you can carry on with your job untroubled.

- The trucks are new, quality with skillful drivers

- Our move managers are experienced in removal, logistics and transportation, especially in business removal.

Business Removal 4

Vietnam Moving’s quality trucks

Which is the process of Vietnam Moving?

The process of Vietnam Moving is:

Step 1: Information

After receive provided information, arrange a meeting to discuss and map out the exact details of your business removal including the budget, timescale and the date booking a site visit with your move manager.

Step 2: Site visit and sign contract

A site visit is thus integral to organizing your business removal. Then a plan of your move is built based on first-hand knowledge of the site. The contract is signed.

Step 3: Executive time

On these days, our staff will unplugged the electronic devices, wrap your stuffs, list inventory, pack in boxes and mark these boxes then load to the truck to move to your new place.

Step 4: Handling your office

The staff will help you assemble any furniture and belongings as the signed contract and notify the status to Vietnam Moving.

If there is any fragment or harmed items, Vietnam Moving will compensate you for your loss so that please record any fragment and notify Vietnam Moving staff.

How much should you need to use the service?

The price forBusiness Removal will be updated on, the website of Vietnam Moving. If you need information quick, please make a phone call to hotline of Vietnam Moving to be consulted.

Vietnam Moving Partners and Customers

Vietnam Moving with a long history to support and cooperate with Addidas (USA), BT (UK), PER M&E Engineering (Vietnam) and Bao Viet (Vietnam). They coordinated with Vietnam Moving to move their office to new place and they are satisfied to have Vietnam Moving support whenever the need is appeared.

These are feedback from our precious customers:

Duong Le Vietnamese Business in District 1, HCMC:“I amvery satisfied with services of Vietnam Moving to help us move to new place quickly and carefully. The staff is very professional: they explained me very clear about what they do next. Thank you Vietnam Moving for helping me to move my store to new place.”

Lee Chang MinKorean Office Manager in Bien Hoa, Dong Nai: “We need to move office to HCMC in one week only. My assistant signed a contract with Vietnam Moving and everything happened quickly. Our office is moved to HCMC in 5 working days. I am impressed.”

VoVan Ti Finance Manager in Long Bien, Ha Noi:“I am one of long term partners of Vietnam Moving for not only optimal price but also enthusiastic staff. The services are excellent with the price and I was surprised by the careful and sincere of Vietnam Moving. I was also given a lot of choices to sign contract. I am very pleased and I will recommend my friends and my business partners to choose Vietnam Moving.”

Please contact to Vietnam Movingvia website or hotline to get more information since it is really the number one company in removal service industry in Vietnam