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Domestic and local moving

Don’t let domestic and local moving turn your happy for promotion into nightmare. You just have moving companies to help you out of the most stressful experience and do their magic.

What is domestic and local moving?

Domestic and local moving is a “teleport” of all your furniture and belongings to new place inside country borders. It will be annoyed with a lot of questions about the scale, budget and schedule of your removal. To remove and wipe out all the problems like how many boxes you need, which type of boxes, when is the approriate time to transfer and which kind of vehicles you can utilize from your head, please this chaos to local moving companies.

Domestic and local moving Domestic and local moving is important yet stressful event in life

When should we use the domestic and local moving service? Which benefits does the domestic and local moving service bring to customers?

Local moving serviceswere born to solve the problem of moving all your furniture and belongings to new place in short time when you have promotionor you have to move to new land for work or getting married. This service will help you to avoid some trouble:

- Planning: You don’t need to plan/list which items need to carry first, second or third, how you lift the heavy items, which tools you need to remove your stuffs. Just allow the moving company helps you. Then everything will be done without having any effort.

- Timescale: You don’t need to be worried to be late or don’t have time to travel around your new neighborhood. Let the experts help you save time to do the other interesting things rather than the stressful experience.

- Money: You don’t need to hire people to help you lift heavy things or a driver to move all things in one time. You don’t need to be worried about the safety of your stuff if you hire the quality moving company. The budget for hiring is not as much as you thought.

What is included in full moving packaging?

Full moving packagingis the packaging covered all journey of your stuffs from your old house to new one. It is including 3 phases: loading (assembly and lifting), transportation and unloading.

Domestic and local movingwill be a very stressful and haunting experience if you can’t choose a trusted moving company. If you still wonder about that, you should choose Vietnam Moving – one of the trusted and qualified companies.

Domestic and local moving 1

It is a long process to move house

Why should you choose Vietnam Moving?

Domestic and local moving serviceprovided by Vietnam Moving is the number one moving services in Vietnam for these reasons:

- Vietnam Moving provides variety of service packaging with different discount for customers. They are all designed based on customers’ needs and requirements.

- Vietnam Moving has a group of experience and well-knowledge experts in moving and logistics industry to design the process to minimize the harmful for your stuffs.

- Vietnam Moving staff is enthusiastic, friendly, and professional.

- Vietnam Moving commits 100% your furniture and belongings safety. They will compensate you if you can record the loss in the end of journey.

- Vietnam Moving has upgraded the trucks to provide the best service for customers.

Which is the process of Vietnam Moving?

Information: A meeting between customers and Vietnam Moving experts is set right after the consultant received your information to get the first knowledge about the journey including the distance, the timescale and the budget. Then a contract needs to be signed with all detail about the moving plan.

Loading: Your furniture and belongings will be categorized, wrapped in marked functional boxes which are listed carefully right after all your stuffs are safe on the truck. Vietnam Moving modern trucks and professional drivers will move your stuffs safely to new place.

Unloading: Every box will be unloaded, unpacked and furniture will be assembled in your new house in the short time. Then you need to record everything and sign a paper to close the contract. If there are any loss/fragment/harm for your stuffs, please announce Vietnam Moving and they will compensate for you.

Domestic and local moving 2

Vietnam Moving professional and sincere staff

How much should you need to use the service?

Domestic and local moving service provided by Vietnam Moving have affordable and suitable price for everyone. The price data will be available on the website of company or you can call their hotline to be consulted further.

Vietnam Moving Partners and Customers

Honda (Japan), City of Darwin (Australia), Comcast (USA), PER M&E Engineering (Vietnam), Angelina (Vietnam) and Bao Viet (Vietnam) are Vietnam Moving’s long term partners who are trusted and granted for their services. Besides, the personal customers are also pleased with Vietnam Moving:

Ha Thanh- Binh Tay Market, District 6, HCMC:“I wanted to move my workshop to District 3 to develop it in new level. I wondered to place trust on whom and my friend gave me the number of Vietnam Moving and everything was handled professional, quick and harmless. Thank you Vietnam Moving.”

Bell NgoHang Ma, Ha Noi: “I needed to move out my parents’ home to have mine. I asked Vietnam Moving and received the best service for my moving. Everything was planned detail and carefully. My glassware collection was unharmed and safe. I am appreciated Vietnam Moving.”

Gozde WatsonChief of Operation in Nhon Trach, Dong Nai:“We got a lot of discount from Vietnam Moving since we used their services several times for helping our employees’ moving for promotion. And we always received the best services and I am pleased with Vietnam Moving for their friendly and professional staff.”

In conclusion, more and more people use Vietnam Moving’s services to move their house to new place to ensure the harmless for their furniture and belongings and save time. To get further detailed information, please go to or call to Vietnam Moving’s hotline number.

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