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Household mover

With the development of life, people seem to move more and more nowadays. Because of this reason, the household mover service was born to meet the need of thousands people all around the world.

Today, this article will show you why you need a household mover service in your life.

What is household mover service?

Household mover serviceor we can say the home moving serviceis a process of moving your entire house to another location. This also means that all of your furniture, belongings and goods, from tiny and light things to bulky things, are moved to the new place with the help of moving company. You will have no concern about how your things move. All crazy problems linking to the household mover will be solved completely by the service provider.

Household mover is not easy as you think

When should you have the household mover?

With the quantity of the members in your family, you think that you can move the house yourself. But that is not true. There are too many things you have to think about: how to package all the furniture and things carefully to make sure that they will be safe during the moving?; how time will it take to move to the new place?; how to load and unload the bulky things in your house before and after the moving?...

Moreover, if you do it yourself, how can you ensure that all your things are safe and stay in the intact status till the end? There will be so many unforeseen problems can arise during the moving process. Without professionalism, you cannot handle the problems arisen. That is when you need a household mover service.

Which benefits does the household mover service bring to customer?

There are so many benefitsthat customer can receive when using the household mover service, such as:

· Unlimited household items: No matter how big your house is or how many your household items are, the household mover service will help you handle it all.

· The safety of the items: The service assures to keep all your items safe during the moving process.

· Insurance for loss: If there is any loss or problem to your items, the household mover service will responsible for it.

· Fast moving process: Time is priceless. That is why the household mover service will bring you the fastestmoving. Therefore, you and your family members can avoid interruption in the daily life.

· Affordable price: The price of the service is always affordable and suitable to any family. Specially, the price based on the demand of the customer.

Household mover service includes:

- Loading all the household items (Disassembly, packing, listing for inventory and labeling the items)

- Transportation (Moving to the new place in the safest and shortest way)

- Unloading the items (Unpacking, assembly the items like before, checking the status of items account for)

Vietnam Moving with professional staffs will help you handle it all

As you can see, the household mover is not easy as it seems to be. The help of a company which provides the service is very necessary and important. If you still wonder yourself to choose a reliable company, we would like to tell you about Vietnam Moving. Vietnam Moving is a prestigious company with many years in this field.

So why should you choose the household mover service of Vietnam Moving? These are the reasons:

· Be trusted by many customers and partners all around the world through many years.

· Professional enthusiastic and diligent staffs

· Diverse forms of transportation with modern means of transport

· The household mover is taken place on schedule.

· Affordable price for many sizes of house with quoation in advance

· No extra fee during the moving process

· Always listen to the feedback of customer to improve the quality of the service day by day

The workflow of the household mover service of Vietnam Moving:

- Firstly, the company sendsstaff to your house tomake asurvey in advance and estimate the quantity of household items. Then, give you an expected quotation.

- Secondly, we prepare the suitable vehicle for your moving and come back to give you the contract. If you agree, the contract will be signed by two sides.

- Thirdly, we send the most professional and diligent staffs to handle your household mover. They will package and wrap all your household items carefully.

- Fourthly, the staffs will transport your items to the new place like the plan.

- Finally, we re-checking the status of items and receive feedback from customers.

If there is any broken or harmed item due to the responsibility of the company, we will compensate you for your loss.

The cost of the household mover service:

Vietnam Moving commits to bring customer the most affordable and high quality household mover service. The cost you pay for Vietnam Moving is always affordable to make you pleased with the service. Maybe our service is not the cheapest service but the quality of the service is absolutely the best. Specially, all the fees are quoted in advance. There is no extra cost during the moving process. We ensure that all customers feel satisfied with our household mover service.

The household mover service of Vietnam Moving gives you big savings

Vietnam Moving’s partners and customers

Vietnam Movingconfirms its brand through many years in the moving field with many big partners and customers all around the world: Cannon (USA), Comcast (USA), Honda (Japan), Arla (Denmark) and Bao Viet (Vietnam). The company always makes effort to create the long term connection with the customers and partners.

Customer’s feedback:

Mrs. Nguyen Van Anh(District 1 - HCMC): “My husband and I intend to move to District 9 but we have had my baby for a year, so we cannot do it ourselves. We looked for a moving company on Internet and found Vietnam Moving. The service is professional and great. Especially, we got many incentives from the company because we are young couples with children. We feel thankful to Vietnam Moving a lot.”

Mr. Dang Tien Dat (Thanh Xuan District - Hanoi): “I have just bought a new house and I very eager to move to the new place but I have not found a moving service yet. Luckily, my friend told me about the household mover service of Vietnam Moving. The moving process is fast and all my household items are safe. I am very satisfied with the service.”

So if you are in need of moving to another place, you’d better make a call to Vietnam Moving hotline right now to experience the household mover service yourself and be completely persuaded by our service.