Taxi Truck

Today, with the development of the means of transport, house moving, office moving company or freight will encounter much more favorable thanks to the persity in the types of transport. In it, not to mention loads Taxi services in major cities.

Previously, when conducting the move, move furniture, people often relate to truck rentals freedom; saving more than they used three-wheel vehicles; or simply to further the use of motorcycles to transport ... But one thing is certain, if you choose the type of transport, you will not get a guarantee 100% safety and warranty for your belongings in the event of a loss. Foreseeing the adversities that service Taxi Moving download Vina was born to solve radically the problems and limitations in the transport customer's belongings.

Taxi truck

If you compare the load Vina Taxi services Moving and trucks operate freely, you will see a clear difference. Costs which the driver is free to make can be quite cheap, but nobody will ensure the entire family belongings you be preserved intact during transportation. In addition, the driver's attitude also depends on something "bad luck". Luckily they met someone sew enthusiastic driving, on the contrary, not everyone is willing to enthusiasm and afternoon guests.

Meanwhile, if you use the service Taxi load of Vina Moving, you will not have to worry about anything when you assign the job to us, by Vina Moving will ensure that all belongings of the customers are safe most compensation regime and in the event of loss or damage. Besides, the driver of us are trained, in addition to the skills driving, they are trained in specialized cargo handling, collecting items, arrange each container, each type Furnished in a scientific way to save space for furniture and belongings to ensure no damaged while moving.

Typically, workflow of Vina Moving conducted as follows:

- The customer care department of Vietnam Moving receiving customer requests

- Staff of the Vietnam Moving will to your door to survey the volume of your belongings should move to arrange suitable vehicle. We do not accept requests via the description of the hotel, which will come to your place to investigate, prevent the customers described incorrectly, time to do the work will generate more cars or car not closed off place, wasteful and expensive for customers.

- The two sides conducted a contract

- Drivers will be available at the customer's home about 10 minutes before the scheduled appointment to avoid bilk with guests.

- Typically, the driver of the Moving Vietnam will support customers in the concrete carrying out car map. This absolutely no cost, based on teamwork and the sense of the driver.

- Driving and car accessories will help you pack up the car for a reasonable and save area to map

- Depending on the time of customers moving map that the driver will calculate the ramp going to avoid traffic or avoid road banned.

Depending on the volume of customers that furniture will advise Vietnam Moving vehicles are appropriate for you to rent. We will have staff to your door survey to assess the situation. This is working very carefully, saving for the customer, because if only advice through a description of the hotel, it is very easily lead to the use of vehicles not properly load, causing a waste of money for clients .

Taxi truck

Currently, Vietnam Moving with trucks from 1 ton to 2.5 tons, to suit each customer's requirements. We guarantee the quality of the car very well, with safety shutters for goods, using vehicles to avoid the sun closed containers avoid rain.

Pricing rented car depends on the following factors:

- Distance from starting point to destination

- The number of times you use the car

- Vehicles you use

Vietnam Moving commitment price that we give reasonable assurance, highly competitive, along with the quality of service is always at the highest level to satisfy the most discerning customers.